For Legionella Testing Call

Prevent Legionella Outbreaks.

Legionella testing = zero liability

We regularly test your water-systems for Legionella, and certify you Legionella-free. That means your buildings will be safe and you’ll be protected against a liability claim.

Get certified as Legionella-free
and stop worrying.

Water treatment alone doesn’t guarantee
you’re Legionella-free. But we can.

Just because your water treatment company is servicing your water-systems, doesn’t mean you don’t have Legionella. That’s where we come in. We do one thing: Test and certify you Legionella free.

A little now, can save you big bucks later.

Monitoring costs nothing compared to how much you’d lay out out ​in the event of a ​lawsuit ​or ​compensation claim. Think about it as insurance against Legionella. When you regularly test your water-systems for Legionella, you’re covering yourself against a huge liability. And the good news: It’ll fit in the budget.