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Do you know where your water’s from?

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Negligent Legionella inspections getting people into hot water

Landmark cases serve as a warning to managers and institutions to stay vigilant when it comes to regular Legionella testing Judges across the globe have been awarding tens of millions of dollars to victims and relatives of Legionnaires disease. From Canada to Europe, courts are holding property managers and those..

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Legionella across the globe in 2018

Unfortunately, Legionella made big headlines in 2018 In the year since our first post,  Legionella has been making a lot of noise across the globe. There were Legionella outbreaks at many seniors homes, hotels, schools, veterans’ residences and Canadian and U.S. shopping centres, like Walmart. Even government offices from Ireland to Illinois..

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Stuck in ice – Legionella loves the heat, but still lives in the cold

With winter upon us, ice is now a potentially dangerous part of our everyday lives. Unexpected falls, bruises, broken bones, fender benders, etc. Frozen water can really hurt. With freezing temperatures dominating the next four months, our worries about Legionella – a bacteria that thrives on warm temperatures – should..

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Keeping it clean: Legionella at your dentist’s office

In our last post, we looked at how Legionella can be found at your dentist’s office. When most people hear the term Legionella or Legionnaire’s Disease, they think of hot tubs, public pools, cooling towers, etc. But make no mistake about it: Legionella outbreaks can potentially happen wherever there’s pipes,..

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Legionella loves the dentist

Open up and say “ahhhh?!” Good oral hygiene – and possibly contracting Legionnaire’s Disease – starts at the dentist’s office. The shrill sound of the drill, the uncomfortable experience of someone reaching deep into your mouth with sharp implements and worst of all: the news of one or more cavities. It’s..

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