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Do you know where your water’s from?

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Don’t just stand there! Keep the water rolling…

When water flow slows down, or comes to a standstill, Legionella bacteria gets busy Summertime is definitely the most active time of the year: camp, vacations, day trips, visits to your local theme park and other fun activities make summer a memorable time for kids and adults alike. But the..

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Know Thyself: The first step in Legionella outbreak prevention

Recognizing Legionella risk factors for different populations can mean clean water for everyone “Know Thyself”: it’s much more than ancient Greek wisdom. In fact, it’s a critical strategy for knowing how susceptible you, or your tenants, guests and clients are when it comes to contracting Legionella. As more people flock..

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Warning signs of a summer outbreak

Now that summer has finally arrived, many people are looking forward to swimming and cooling down in their favourite pool. But according to a recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, taking a refreshing dip or relaxing in a hot tub on your vacation could make you very..

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“No cause for alarm”?

Media outlet exposes government negligence as 13 war veterans die from Legionella since 2015  Despite attempts by government officials to suppress information about Legionella outbreaks that have killed 13 people since 2015, Chicago WBEZ has exposed the PR games of politicians that have led to lawsuits, proposed changes to legislation..

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Managing Legionella in building water systems

Proposed update to major guidelines up for public review until April 2 This past weekend, we performed the yearly ritual of “springing forward”. We lost an hour of sleep, but are gaining more sunshine and hopefully, warmer temperatures – at least eventually. Unfortunately, Legionella loves the heat, so the risk..

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