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Do you know where your water’s from?

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Legionella outbreaks remind us: it’s a small world after all…

As we move into 2018, news about the spread of Legionella across the globe helps us realize that we really do live in a small world, after all. Even Disneyland, the dream destination for kids and Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and World Series heroes alike, was not spared from the..

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Legionella and the Law: Standards for prevention

The Government of Canada is trying to do one of the only things it can about Legionella: monitor it. At this point in its evolution, Legionnaire’s Disease is treatable, even curable. But as with many things in life, it’s mostly a crapshoot: If you can catch the Legionellosis bacteria early enough,..

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Testing the Waters for Legionnaire’s Disease

Is there a surefire way to prevent Legionella from infecting your building’s water supply? Unfortunately, there isn’t. Scientists do not have a proven preventative method that solves the public health issue of Legionella. Practically speaking, this means the bacterium Legionella Pneumophila may actually be found in your building’s cooling towers,..

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How Legionnaire’s Disease got its name

Ambushed at their first – and last – stand against Legionella In a sea of military berets, each one shining with war medals and brigade pins, 4,500 American veterans formed what appeared to be a massive sheet of colourful armor, as they sat silently in one of Philadelphia’s finest hotels…

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Legionella: resistant to change after 40 years

In the four decades since Legionnaire’s Disease was first discovered, science and technology have revolutionized our world. Millions have been freed from crushing poverty. Our population has grown by the billions. And with a small hand-held device, anyone, including a small child, can now broadcast every moment of their lives from one..

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